4-in-1 Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

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Product Description

Blackhead Remover Electric Vacuum Suction Machine-Give your face a whole new experience

5 Adjustable Suction Levels
Level 1 for sensitive skin
Level 2 for dry skin
Level 3 for natural skin
Level 4 for oily skin
Level 5 for mixed skin

4 Functional Suction Heads:
The small round hole head is suitable for sensitive skin areas.
The large suction head is perfect for removing stubborn blackheads and whiteheads in the T zone.
Elliptical hole head with a micro-pull effect that can smooth fine lines, including the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth.
Exfoliating head, with high adsorption, suitable for exfoliating keratin and dead skin.

How to use:
1.First open the pores with a facial steamer or hot towel, which is good for the suction of blackheads.
2.Use it from level 1 first, then choose the appropriate level according to your skin. When using it, it’s better to move suction head contrary to the direction of pores growth. Do not stay in one spot for too long in case of skin bruise.
3.After using it, you can apply a mask or other pore constriction products

Warm tips:
1.Don’t use it too often, once a week at most. Be sure to use the pore – shrinking products for the next step of care.
2.Don’t use it on scarred or delicate skin. Just use it for 3-5 minutes at a time
3.Please regularly replace the filter and sponge core, which is conducive to equipment maintenance and personal hygiene.
4.Please read the user manual carefully before using!

What’s Included:
Blackhead Remover Machine x 1
Probe Heads x 4
USB Charging Cable x 1
Filter Sponges x 5pcs
Silica gel rings x 2
User Manual x 1

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